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Brooklin (Owner/Face Painter)

Brooklin loves all things art.  She is always working on a drawing, painting.  If she isn't working on those she is reading, if she isn't reading she is writing (she is currently working on a story and hoping to get it published) she has written many short stories as well. If she isn't doing those things she is riding her horse.  Brooklin loves life.

She currently works and has for several years works as an Assistant Teacher for Rosecrest Learning Academy.  She has also had the opportunity to work on her cities Youth Council helping plan and run city events.  

She has recently discovered how much she loves to do art on faces!  She has been learning techniques and is currently a master in training :) She has loved being able to do events such as family events and parties and she can't wait for all the great opportunities to face paint that are coming.  


Jessica (Face Painter) -

Jessica has always been a painter and artist. She’s been in art classes since an early age and has always excelled and been the top of her class. Her favorite gift to give family and friends is her paintings and drawings. 
She is the mother to 3 little boys, all a year apart and they keep her young and busy with their active and crazy nature. 
She has a passion for the outdoors and any given day can be found with her boys hiking, fishing, swimming or just being outside. The beauty she finds outside is a major source of inspiration for her art. 


Emily (Owner/Glitter Tattoo and Scheduler)

Emily is the Mother of 4 beautiful children. She loves her family, anything outdoors and scrap booking. She graduated from Brighton High school in 1999. She has also taken many State Educational Training's and has completed the "Love and Logic" courses and Facilitator Seminars. She has been a childcare provider/preschool owner/and Homeschooling educator for 10+ years, during that time she has learned what is most important to help our children to grow and inspire them to learn.
Emily has such a passion for our Children's education! Because of this passion she became one of the two original Co-Founders for Providence Hall Charter School in March of 2006. This is a K-6 elementary school that gives 700 children a wonderful education each year (and is currently adding a 7-9th grade which will house an additional 450 students and a High school due to the wonderful current board). Although she is no longer an active member of Providence Halls Board of Trustees, she is grateful and honored to forever be a Historic Member of Providence Hall.  
As a member of the Board of Trustees, Emily helped write the Original Charter that received approval from the Utah State Board of Education. She was the Vice Chair from March 2006 until September 2007 and she was the Facility Chair until April 2008. Her job's were designing all of the facilities interior and exterior, buying much of the furniture and over-seeing that the facility was being built right and on time. She also spent a lot of time helping in the curriculum areas of the school, she helped watch and research several of the amazing original programs that are/were being used in Providence.  Emily has worked very hard to help create this private school along with many other wonderful Founding Members, and she is continually working hard to ensure a wonderful education for our younger children as well.

Emily Started " Rosecrest Learning Academy (formally known as - A Child's Garden Preschool)" in September of 2007. After extensive research she has put together wonderful programs for preschool age children. Her preschool grew from 2 to 64 students 2 and older and continues to grow at a rapid pace.  Many hours were put into the amazing Joy-school/Preschool/K-12 Virtual Homeschool Private School.  The parents loved our staff, they love Love and Logic and they love what their children learn everyday.  Our families continued to return year after year and even travel from far distances to come there.  She decided to close her doors after 13 amazing years May 2019.

She is know on to new adventures with her daughter face painting and doing glitter tattoos and is very excited to take this adventure with her daughter.

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